Monday, November 4, 2013


We've done it! Despite only delving into photography for about ~ months, we're still alive (and I haven't sold my camera)! In respect to that, I dedicate this album to my first Autumn of photography, with great personal significance. Primarily, this was one of the first Autumns where I had the opportunity to go into the city and see lines of colored trees in-person. It's a strange thing to say that I've never seen yellow-orange-red trees bundled up together beyond the occasional Brooklyn tree that managed to actually turn any other color than brown.

Now, I'll be the first to admit-- I really enjoyed my outing this week (~3 hours). It wasn't as much as "lets go out and take pictures", as it was going out and enjoying the day-- which is what I essentially, should be doing.

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We accidentally ended up "following" these two as they went down the Brooklyn Heights area. I wish I took more pictures, but it was difficult to be subtle that early in the morning.

Closer look! (Not a cropped image, I literally walked closer and took it again)

Not a exceptional picture, but a good, first look at fall colors. This was actually my first time taking in so many differently colored trees bunched together in the city.

Again, not a fantastic picture, but I think it's important to chronicle this image (image from this set).

Usually during the summer, this entire area is a small stream with dragonflies. Now, it serves as a great reminder of the Autumn around us.

A motorboat sped by and left a really long wave of water. I felt like there was an inherent artistic value in it.

While I really love this picture, I missed a great opportunity here! This was originally was going to be a wider-angle shot that would include more of the scene, but I forgot to attach my wide-lens onto my camera before getting into the train! Valuable lesson learned, be prepared to take pictures, even when you're not prepared to take pictures.

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